Idea from a 12-year old. 

While on Covid-19 home isolation, our 12 year-old son wanted to play games with his friends. After 32 minutes of frustration trying to get everyone setup and in the game, my son asked if there was a way to have a simple zoom-type call with games built-on over it.

I spoke to our developer friends, and they said there was a way. They gave us a price and timeline, but given the economic uncertainty we were a little hesitant wondering if we should save that money.  

We thought it could be beneficial to many people during this strange time (especially our elders who love card games) as well as a good educational experience for my son. We decided to go for it...fingers crossed.


We are testing the mobile app with our NUO game. If people like it, then we will  develop more games (Go Fish, Spoons, etc.) with the financial help of donation and our in-game ads (yup, we know they suck).  

Thank you for playing my son's game. If you enjoy it, please leave a positive review in the app stores (as that helps it move up the ranks to get more eyeballs on it), share with your family and friends and if you can- donate.


Most importantly...ENJOY!